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Personal data has become a currency

Isn’t it time for you to cash in?

The Reality:
Companies are already buying and selling your data.

Killi allows you to take back your personal data from those who are selling it today – and put money in YOUR pocket vs The Man’s pocket. Every time your data is sold, you get paid. Every. Single. Time. The more data you share, the more $$ you make.

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It’s time to take you back from them.

While consumers are now realizing that their personal information is a form of currency, most have no idea how valuable their data really is, nor how it is collected, sold or traded.

Your personal info is worth at least thousands of dollars per year. Most likely a great deal more. Collectively, personal data is worth billions. Facebook recently published that each user is worth roughly $30 – and that is a very low estimate (we doubt Facebook would reveal exactly how much your data is worth to them). Facebook is just one of hundreds of other corporations that are also making hay on your data – like Google, Twitter, Snap, the list goes on. Data is a massive economy.

You, the consumer, have hence become the product. And you make $0. The main beneficiaries of your data’s value are brands, agencies and other private and public organizations. The consumer gets zip.

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Your personal data is not safe. Change it.

The market value and trading practices of these current buyers lends itself to ethically questionable or at worst criminal activity that hurts more than just our wallets. This is compounded by the way data has been historically stored.

Current data storage technologies are outdated – and it only takes a hacker one hack to access millions of profiles that they can then sell (ex: recent major data hacks of Equifax, Yahoo, etc.).

Anemic calls to #deletefacebook and erase online accounts are just empty hyperbole generated to gain viral re-tweets and drum up emotional reactions. But those solutions are not only impractical and unrealistic, they also will not solve the problem.

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There is a much better way. Seriously.

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Join #YourDataRevolution
Your personal data is your currency. Exchange it for money with Killi.