Killi Launches Data Unveil

Do you know what information the internet has on you? Because Killi can show you…

Every single adult on the internet has a digital profile. You included. And you add to it every time you’re online, whether you’re browsing on your computer or using apps on your phone. Companies are constantly building and updating your profile, including your name, age, interests, shopping history, and addresses.

But it doesn’t stop there. Your profile can include how many people live in your house, how old your children are, what you watch online, how often you eat at restaurants, and even where you like to go to happy hour! 

Want to see your digital profile?

For the first time ever, you can! Killi’s Data Unveil allows you to both view your digital profile and edit it. You are able to modify traits about yourself, your interests, and your buying habits. Killi is the only place on the planet where you can view and correct your personal data, just by sharing your email address.

I’m excited! Where can I find this? 

For New Killi Users

For new users, join Killi (available in Web, iOS, or Android), to see what personal information of yours is being stored by the Internet. If we weren’t able to find data on you or if the data we did find is incorrect feel free to correct it. This is your unique chance to rewrite (and re-right) your data!  

Even better? After you’ve done this, you will be part of Killi’s Profile Rewards and be automatically set up to passively earn Killi Points every week by opting in to share your information with us. 

For Existing Killi users 

For existing users, this new Data Unveil feature currently isn’t available, but we are working hard to launch this in the coming weeks. 

Now What? 

Welcome to the #DataRevolution! Take back control. Reclaim your data. 

Join Killi to see it, edit it, and earn from it.

Women in Data Privacy

Happy International Women’s Day! 

We at Killi celebrate all the strong, intelligent, bright, curious, powerful, loving, fierce, proficient women in our lives and in the Tech community that ask the hard questions and work every single day to make this world a better place. While we are proud of having a wonderfully diverse team, we also want to acknowledge the societal disparities women face every single day. Did you know there is a significant “gender gap” when it comes to digital privacy? While women have greater concerns than men about digital privacy, research shows that they also have less awareness of the potential threats posed by technology, data, and interface design. 

This isn’t so surprising, when you learn that only 23% of employees at Facebook, Apple, and Google are women, while decision-making processes in technology and digital policy are still dominated by men. Work in tech companies is highly sex segregated, with men dominating engineering of products and women heavily represented in legal, safety, and customer care roles.

Given that women disproportionately face fetishization, harassment, and threats of violence online, this lack of representation in the technology sector and relevant decision-making processes is significant. It is only by involving women in policy discussions that these issues can be better tackled. We need to increase the input women have on the design of technology and the policies that affect our online lives as risks encountered primarily by women are often left unconsidered. 

This imbalance combined with pressures of external bias from peers, friends, and family, creates a vicious cycle where women become less digitally literate and aware of the risks they encounter online. As a result, women’s ability to take adequate measures or demand that companies improve their products is compromised.

A clear example of this disparity can be seen with VPN use. VPNs are a key tool for improving privacy and security online, as they encrypt a user’s data, making it unreadable to their ISP and anyone spying on their network. In 2018, Global Web Index reported that only 32% of VPN users were women.

Forbes also reported in 2016 that, while women are more likely to make changes in behavior to protect their privacy, men are more likely to use encrypted email (10% vs. 7%), password managers (20% vs. 17%), privacy-enhancing browsers (18% vs. 13%), and two-factor authentication (15% vs. 12%).

These statistics show that women are less likely to use tools to safeguard their data, leaving them more at risk than men when going online.

It’s important that women become more aware of the tools they can use to protect their data, but also critical that they be involved in design and decision making.

Women (50% of the population) need to become part of the data privacy conversation. Not only will this be a proper representation of society, but this will strengthen laws and online safety for everyone.

Killi knows that Digital privacy is a feminist issue. The team at Killi is working hard to bring attention to the lack of diversity in the tech and data privacy industry and bridge that gap. Highlighting these issues on our blog is just one of the many steps we’re taking to detail out the fundamental disparities and propel meaningful conversations to shift and re-shape the industry to be more inclusive.

OCTOBER 16, 2019 | Katherine Barnett

Introducing Killi Points

A BIG change is happening this week. Your Killi balance will be converting to Killi points! Not to worry – we promise the end result will be exactly the same. 

The conversion 

$1.00 = 100 points 

For an easy way to convert, just take out the $ sign and the decimal point! 

  • $0.01 = 1 Killi Point 
  • $0.25 = 25 Killi Points 
  • $1.00 = 100 Killi Points 
  • $3.00 = 300 Killi Points 

Earning & Payout

The payout for everything (Killi Paycheck, Killi Polls, etc.) will remain the same. 

If you are in the Elite tier of Killi Paycheck ($3.00 per month), you will earn 300 Killi Points per month (75 Killi points per week). 

If you complete our daily Killi Polls ($0.01 per day), you will earn 1 Killi point per day. 


The minimum balance for redemption will remain the same. Previously, this was $5, and now with Killi Points will be 500 points. 

Your 500 points will be converted into dollar value ($5.00) and you will be asked how you would like to redeem (Amazon gift card, e-gift card, or charity donation).

Killi Revamps Refer-a-Friend Program

More points for you and your friends! We revamped our Refer-A-Friend (RAF)program! For each friend you refer (max 5 friends), earn a 100 point referral bonus AND 10% of their Killi Paycheck earnings.  WAIT – it gets even better. 

Example Killi User: Kelly 

Kelly’s friends: Koko, Karen, Ken, Kory, Kam, Kim, Konnor 

Kelly’s friends’ monthly Killi Paycheck Earnings:

  1. Koko: 300 points
  2. Karen: 100 points
  3. Ken: 200 points
  4. Kory: 100 points
  5. Kam: 300 points

Kelly’s friends total earnings: 1000 points

Kelly’s earnings = 500 points in referral bonuses (100 points per friend she brings into Killi) AND 10% of her friends’ earnings = BONUS 100 POINTS PER MONTH for doing nothing just because she was the one that brought them to Killi!

What are you waiting for? To get started, grab your custom referral code from the RAF section of your account now.

How to Earn Max Points with Killi

Cost of a decent apartment in the heart of the city ~ $3,000 a month. A caffeinated beverage ~ $5. A night out on the town ~ $50. It’s no secret that the cost of living and enjoying what life has to offer isn’t cheap. More and more individuals are looking for side hustles and opportunities to earn a little bit extra  on top of their everyday jobs. We can help with that. Earning Points with Killi is super simple. Can it replace your primary source of income? Probably not, but what Killi can do is put a little extra in your pocket

Get that Killi Paycheck

Earning Killi Points is pretty much effortless! 

We currently have four Killi Rewards you can join: Shopping, Profile, Browsing, and Device Rewards. With the Shopping Rewards, you can earn even more Killi Points just from your everyday spending- just link an active credit OR debit card (checking account) and you will be enrolled! Heads up – we will NEVER charge your card. The Profile Rewards requires you to answer a few simple questions about yourself. With Browsing Rewards, you can earn Killi Points to be safe while browsing online! Our Killi Browser Extension will alert you of data breaches on sites you browse as well as block those pesky ads. As long as you have the extension installed on your desktop and/or laptop browser, you will earn some extra Killi Points! With Device Rewards, you share info about your mobile device (device info, service provider, etc.) and names of installed apps. Note: we will never receive login info or in-app data (shows you’ve watched on Netflix, who you’re friends with on Facebook, etc.)

For Android users, we also have Location Rewards. Turn your location sharing on via your identity screen and voila!

Share With The Day Ones (Refer-a-Friend)

Go tell your friends about it. What’s cooler than earning Killi Points? Earning Killi Points with your friends. Our Refer a Friend program allows you AND the person you refer to earn Killi Points. How? Share your unique URL with them, have them sign up and complete their profile – Killi Points in both of your pockets. The more friends you refer, the more Killi Points you can earn. You will receive 10% Killi Paycheck earnings of all friends you refer PLUS a BONUS 100 Killi Point referral bonus for the first 5 friends you bring to Killi. 

Killi Polls

We release a DAILY Killi Poll – that means one extra opportunity per day to earn with us. It’s just one quick question and you’re on your way!

What’s the future hold for earning more Killi Points?

As we continuously expand on our ways to give back to our users, we want to make the process as fun and straightforward as possible. From passive earning to Refer-a-Friend, we are continually working on new ways to give back to you. Stay tuned —this article is updated frequently!