Earn Your Own Killi Paycheck


Introducing Killi Paycheck

Looking for a way to earn a little extra without having to lift a finger? We made that possible with our new paychecks! It’s exactly as it sounds – this is a paycheck where WE pay YOU! Set it and forget it – and watch the Killi Points roll in!

Killi will be paying users Guaranteed. Weekly. Points. As part of our mission, we want to focus on passive income (earning by barely lifting a finger) and will be moving away from active income (doing Killi Polls, watching videos, etc.). To put it in the simplest of terms, we want you to earn without having to do the work (leave that to us).

There are four tiers/payout levels for the paycheck – the more data you share, the higher your Paycheck will be, anywhere from 100-400 Killi Points per month (AND paid out on a weekly basis)! Killi Paycheck is paid out on a weekly basis, Fridays at 5PM EST. If you REALLY want to maximize your earnings, refer some friends! For every friend you refer, you receive 10% of their paycheck. The higher up the tier they are in, the more money you BOTH earn. It’s a winning situation for everyone!

Killi Paycheck Tiers – Choose how many points you want!

  1. Intermediate: Enroll in any ONE (1) Killi Reward and earn guaranteed 100 Killi Points/month (25 Points/week)
  2. Pro: Enroll in any TWO (2) Killi Rewards and earn guaranteed 200 Killi Points/month (50 Points/week)
  3. Elite: Enroll in any THREE (3) Killi Rewards and earn guaranteed 300 Killi Points/month (75 Points/week)
  4. All-Star: Enroll in ALL FOUR (4) Killi Rewards and earn guaranteed 400 Killi Points/month (100 Points/week)

Killi Rewards:

Note: Location Rewards are not included.

Want to learn more? Read all about paychecks here!

Happy earnings, Killi friends!