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Killi is powered by you. With Killi, you have full control over your personal data, and earn profit from the data you choose to sell.


  • How do I earn with Killi?

    Can you make money from your data? Absolutely!

    There are currently four ways to earn with Killi: Rewards Programs, surveys, and watching videos (on Android ONLY). We are always working on creating even more ways for you to earn in the near future.

  • How do I earn from videos?

    Video ads. No matter where you browse, chances are, you come across them. But are you earning from them? Probably not. We are changing that (within Killi at least). Simply watch a video ad and earn money. You can watch as many or as little as you want. Exciting! Please note, this is currently only available on Android devices.

  • How do I earn from data sharing?

    When setting up your profile, you can enable data sharing for anything you add. This includes your: date of birth, email address, gender, location, phone number, postal code, and country.

    Change your mind about what you want to share? No problem, you can turn your sharing on or off at any time.

  • How do I earn from surveys?

    You can earn money by completing surveys that help brands understand you better.  Some surveys may ask you screening questions first to ensure you qualify as the right audience for the full survey. This helps ensure you are a good match (which also saves you from irrelevant surveys). This does mean, however, that you won’t qualify for EVERY survey. Don’t worry, there are always plenty!

  • How long do surveys take?

    The length of the survey varies. Some surveys take a couple minutes, while others take a bit longer. It’s totally up to you when it comes to how long you want to spend in the app. A few minutes can earn you some cash!


Refer A Friend

  • How do I know when my friends have successfully signed up?

    Once your friend signs up and completes their profile, you will automatically receive the money in your Killi wallet. You will also be able to see this in the “Earn & Redeem” screen.

  • What do my friends have to do?

    We’ve now made Refer A Friend and new user setup even easier as you no longer need to complete the intake survey to receive your referral earnings. You and your friends will only be required to sign up for Killi and complete their profile. It takes about 3 minutes total – super quick and easy.

  • How does Killi’s Refer a Friend program work?

    Share your unique link with your friend, ensure they sign up for Killi, create an account and voila – you both earn some extra cha-ching. Every friend you refer (up to 5) equals more money in your wallet!

Profile Rewards

  • What are Profile Rewards?

    The Profile Bonus gives you an opportunity to earn money passively. What does this mean exactly? You can earn some extra cha-ching without having to lift a finger. Learn all about our Profile Bonus here!

Browsing Rewards

Shopping Rewards

  • What are Shopping Rewards?

    Shopping Rewards allow you to passively make money just from your everyday shopping – crazy right? Through our Shopping Rewards Program, your shopping transactions (via the card you connect), can earn you extra money plus help brands in their efforts to better cater to individuals like you!

  • How does the Shopping Rewards Program work?

    Like many ways to earn money, earning via Shopping Rewards is simple! So, how does it work?

    1. Connect your credit card or banking card (checking account)
    2. Verify your info, make sure it’s all correct
    3. Continue to shop as you normally would

    Told you, easy peasy! You will earn from the shopping transactions you make – think of a cashback credit card! Oh also, we will NEVER charge your card. EVER. We are giving you money, not the other way around!

  • How do I qualify for Shopping Rewards?

    As long as you possess a credit card or checking account, you qualify! There is no prerequisite or amount you have to continuously spend in order to qualify and stay in the program. A card is all you need!

  • It won’t let me link my account, why not?
  • How is the amount I receive calculated?

    Ah, math. Maybe not everyones favourite subject, but we are going to go ahead and use some here. We believe in profit sharing hence why we decided not to keep everything for ourselves. 50% goes to the Killi users and 50% goes to us!

Location Rewards


  • What are the requirements for redeeming?
    1. Killi account must be a minimum of 30 days old
    2. Minimum $5.00 balance
    3. Only one redemption request open at a time
    4. You’ve made no redemptions in the last 3 days.
  • What are my redemption options?
    1. Virtual Visa cards: spendable online anywhere Visa is accepted (available US only)
    2. Amazon Gift Cards: available for US and Canada only
    3. e-Gift cards: We literally have hundreds of gift card options/retailers for you to redeem your Killi ca$h to shop on popular, Internet retailers worldwide: Amazon, Adidas, Applebees, Banana Republic, Bath and Body Works, Barnes & Noble, Best Buy, Burger King, Chili’s, … and way too many for us to list them all here!
    4. (available US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore)
    5. Charities: Want to spread the Killi love? Pick from a list of charities to donate your earnings! (available US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore)

Privacy & Protection

  • What is personal data?

    Personal data is anything that can be used to identify who you are (so people know you aren’t a robot). This includes: name, date of birth, email, phone, etc.

  • What is consumer data?

    Consumer data is generated from your day-to-day actions and your behavior as a consumer. This data typically comes from your devices (mainly mobile devices) which have great tracking abilities. Apps and websites that are open on your phone track your usage, including browsing habits, frequently visited locations, where you eat, shop and entertain, and a whole lot more. Between location service and browsing habits, a consumer profile is formed. As you continue to have an active presence online, this data is always increasing. What’s that mean? It’s unlimited.

  • What happens with all this data?

    The data you input is what you give up for free every time you check off the “I’ve read and agreed to the privacy policy” box to access free sites and apps. If you don’t want to read through the entire policy, just know this is typically what it includes.

    This type of data is hugely valuable to companies who want to understand what interests you because they want to deliver, well, something you will be interested in! In a way, this is good because the online ads you see are more relevant to what you actually like.

    Currently, the data collected from you is sold in many marketplaces for profit without a cent going to your name (yikes). This status quo is what Killi is breaking.

  • Who controls my data?

    Simple – you!

    You and only you control the data you share and transact on Killi. If you choose to stop sharing something, it will no longer be available for buying. If you delete the app, all profile data and history will be deleted (except for surveys you were paid for).

  • How is my data protected?

    The security of your data is the most important thing to us. We work to ensure compliance with applicable regulations and laws.

    In terms of your physical account, you can only access it via a password you create. Without this password your account cannot be accessed. We’re working tirelessly to secure your data as technologies change at dizzying speeds. Seriously, our relationship with sleep is not a stable one!

Account Management

  • How do I log out of my account?

    In the navigation, click “Identity”. Scroll to the bottom of the screen and you’ll see “Log out of my account.”

  • Why am I asked to answer a bunch of questions about myself?

    Simple – the more we know about you, the better we can make your experience! Answering these questions allows us to better funnel RELEVANT surveys and offers for you. While you may notice less surveys, your chances of qualifying will increase.

    In the past, users had trouble qualifying for surveys which in turn meant not making money. Yeah, that didn’t fly with us. The take survey helps us personalize your experience so you get content that is ACTUALLY meant for you. No more spending all your time trying to qualify!

  • I had a balance and now it’s gone, where is it?

    After creating a password, you may notice your account revert to 0. No worries, your earnings aren’t gone forever, we just need to further verify you are in fact YOU! If your balance is missing, you will see a box at the top asking you to link your phone number. Simply enter the phone number associated with your Killi account and your balance will appear. Still don’t see it? Refresh the page (pull down the screen).

  • Why do I need a password to login to my Killi account now?

    We see Killi as a lot more than a mobile app, so we have expanded to the web. Previously, you only required your phone number to log in for Killi. While this is fine and dandy for mobile, it won’t work for Killi on a web browser. The password login will allow you to log into your Killi account from whatever device you would like! How else can a password help? In the past, when you switched to a new device or did a factory reset, your account and any balance would not transfer over. The password login eliminates this issue. If you get a new device, or factory reset your current device, your account and the balance will remain intact.

  • Why was I kicked out of my Killi account when I opened the app?

    Did you open your Killi app only to be greeted with a login screen? Don’t worry, your account isn’t gone! Due to the shift to a password-based login system, we need every user to create a password and login with it. If you are an existing user, you would select ‘Log into your Killi account’ and follow the instructions from there!


  • Are there fees associated with redeeming for Amazon and Paypal?

    You can cash out once you have more than $5.00 in your account using an Amazon gift card or $10.00 using PayPal. There are no fees in redeeming with Amazon, but PayPal charges fees up to $0.35 per transaction for every withdrawal.

  • What countries does Killi support?

    Currently, we support the US, Canada, UK, Singapore, Australia, and New Zealand. We are looking to expand to a plethora of other places in the near future. Stay tuned!

  • I’m not qualifying for surveys/offers? How can I improve my ability to qualify?

    Not qualifying for surveys is a bummer and after receiving multiple messages from our users over concerns they weren’t qualifying, we had to take action.

    There is a short questionnaire of basic questions which will help you qualify for surveys/offers. This allows us to filter irrelevant surveys and only show the ones that are tailored to you.

  • Do I have to complete every question on my profile?

    In order to earn your one time $1 reward and to receive surveys/offers that are best suited to you, you must fully complete your profile. However, don’t fear, we won’t take up too much of your time. It takes approx. 5 minutes to complete.

  • How can I access Killi on the web?

    Killi web can be accessed on any device with an internet browser (desktop, laptop, tablet, mobile device). To access Killi web, click here!