How consumers can earn money from their data

Catching up with Killi, an app with every consumer on the planet as a potential client.

Article highlights:

  • The irreversible privacy trend: The trend of protecting consumer data rights, given a big boost in Europe by GDPR, and now very much underway in the U.S. with CCPA, and now CPRA, is irreversible
  • Set it and forget it: Participants receive a Killi Paycheck — an automatic weekly deposit to their Killi wallet reflecting the data they’re willing to give up
  • Raising Awareness: Every single consumer over the age of 16 on the planet is a potential client of Killi, so the opportunity is enormous.
  • Narrative Partnership: Killi has partnered with selected data providers to deliver Fair Trade Data to their clients; most recently with enterprise data streaming platform Narrative.

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