How does Killi work?

What exactly IS Killi?

Killi is a consumer-facing data privacy ecosystem that allows you to take control of your data by choosing what you want to share. Killi also allows you to earn Killi Points from your data. Your data belongs to you – you deserve to be part of conversation.

How do I get started?

You can access Killi pretty much anywhere as long as you have a working device (computer, phone, tablet) and an internet connection. The best part? Killi is available in-app AND on the web. To get started, simply download the app on your mobile device or create an account through a web browser. Once you verify, you’re all set!

Made it into the Killi-verse? You’re ready to explore! There are a few notable tabs and to spare any confusion, here is what each of them does:

Discover aka Home Screen

Here you can access your earning opportunities – Killi Rewards: Profile, Shopping, Browsing, and Device. Android Users will also see an option to join Location Rewards.

Killi Paycheck 

This screen shows you all four tiers of the Killi Paycheck: Intermediate, Pro, Elite, and All-Star which will earn you 100, 200, 300, and 400 Killi Points per month, respectively. Note: You will earn Killi Points on a weekly basis. So users in the All-Star tier will earn 100 Killi Points per week.


“Wait…how many Killi Points did I get for sharing my location?”

If you want to see how many Killi Points, this is the place to go, Here you can see a complete overview of your Killi Point earnings, where they came from, when you received them, and information about your past redemptions.


This is the place where you redeem your Killi Points once you hit the minimum amount (500 Killi Points) needed to do so. Heads up – your email needs to be verified and your account needs to be active for 30 days before you redeem! Your Killi Points can be converted into Amazon gift cards, e-gift cards, or donated to a variety of charities!


For each new friend you refer that joins Killi, you will receive 10% of their Killi  Paycheck earnings. BONUS: you will receive a 100 Killi Point referral bonus for the first 5 friends you refer.

For example, you refer 4 friends who all join Killi at the Elite Tier (300 Killi Points/month). Collectively, they are earning 1200 total points per month (4 friends x 300 Killi Points/month). In total, you’ll receive 120 Killi Points per month thereafter (10% of 120 Killi Points) AND a one-time 400 Killi Point referral bonus just because YOU were the one that brought them into Killi! RAF Earnings are on top of your Killi Paycheck earnings so the earning possibilities are practically endless!