How to Earn Max Money with Killi

Cost of a decent apartment in the heart of the city ~ $3,000 a month. A simple yet delicious caffeinated beverage ~ $5. A night out on the town ~ $50. It’s no secret that the cost of living and enjoying what life has to offer isn’t cheap. More and more individuals are looking for side hustles and opportunities to earn a little bit of income on top of their everyday jobs. We understand that and aim to help people make that extra bit of money.

Yes, you read that right. Earning money with Killi is super simple. Can it replace your primary source of income? Probably not, but what Killi can do is put a little extra money in your pocket— whether you’re saving for a rainy day or you’re looking to treat yourself!

“But wait, HOW can I earn with Killi?”



Peep Our Rewards Programs (AKA: Free Money!)

When it comes to making money, there is one thing we have always been told – you have to work from it. Making money requires a good amount of effort. With Killi however, making money is pretty much effortless! With our location rewards, you can earn income without doing any work every week just by sharing your location (currently available on Android only).

So how do location rewards work? Turn your location sharing on via your identity screen and voila!

But don’t worry, the rewards don’t stop there! We also have our Shopping, Profile, and Browsing Rewards. With the Shopping Rewards, you can earn even more money just from your everyday spending- and let’s face it, I’m sure most of us do more spending than we care to admit! To receive THIS reward, all you have to do is link a credit OR debit card (checking account) and you will be enrolled! Oh, and a heads up – we will NEVER charge your card.

The Profile Rewards works similarly to these reward programs, but pays you for, well, being you! If you’ve completed your Killi profile, you’re already enrolled and can receive your Profile Rewards. Just like that!

With Browsing Rewards, you can earn while also keeping your data as safe as possible! How? Our Killi Browser Extension will alert you of any data breaches on sites you browse as well as block those pesky ads. As long as you have the extension installed on your desktop and/or laptop browser, you will earn some extra money!

When you receive your reward, we ALWAYS disclose who is receiving the information you shared and what information they are receiving.


Share Your Story

Speaking of easy ways to earn money, here’s another one—you can earn $1 just by telling us about yourself. Completing your profile has perks beyond making money. Doing so can help us create the best experience possible for you. Completing your profile can help us gear more relevant surveys and offers to you. A dollar in your wallet AND a better experience overall—the perks of completing your profile!


Share With The Day Ones

Go tell your friends about it (yes, I took that from The Weeknd). What’s cooler than earning money? Earning money with your friends. Our refer a friend program allows you AND the person you refer to make money. How? Share your unique URL with them, have them sign up and complete your profile and voila – money in both of your pockets. The more friends you refer, the more money you can earn. 


Start Some Surveys

Got some spare time on your bus ride? Need something to keep you occupied between weekend errands? Surveys to the rescue! Killi partners with a couple of third-party providers to help users earn even more money. How much can you make from surveys? Anywhere from a few cents to a few dollars! The longer the survey, the more money you can make.



Videos With Value

Chances are you’ve gone on a social platform and immediately been hit with ad after ad. Some you can skip, but most you have to sit through. Ads are essential for businesses as it helps them get their message across to the right people, and they aren’t going anywhere. With that being said, instead of just sitting through them, we want to reward you for it. Android users can earn money simply by watching videos. Seriously. The best part? There is no limit to the number of videos you can watch. Want to watch 1? Have time for 10? Perhaps 100? Not a problem. This allows businesses to display their ads and gives users something in return.

There are a ton of ways to earn money on Killi, and while you won’t become a millionaire, it allows you to put some extra cash in your wallet—who can say no to that?

What’s the future hold for earning money on Killi?

As we continuously expand on our ways to give back to our users, we want to make the process as fun and straightforward as possible. From passive income to refer a friend, we are continually working on new ways to give back to you. Stay tuned —this article is updated frequently!