How to Earn Max Points with Killi


How can you earn more Killi points? Read on and we will tell you just how!

Cost of a decent apartment in the heart of the city ~ $3,000 a month. A caffeinated beverage ~ $5. A night out on the town ~ $50. It’s no secret that the cost of living and enjoying what life has to offer isn’t cheap. More and more individuals are looking for side hustles and opportunities to earn a little bit extra on top of their everyday jobs. We can help with that. Earning Points with Killi is super simple. Can it replace your primary source of income? Probably not, but what Killi can do is put a little extra in your pocket.

Get that Killi Paycheck

Earning Killi Points is pretty much effortless! 

We currently have four Killi Rewards you can join: Shopping, Profile, Browsing, and Device Rewards. With the Shopping Rewards, you can earn even more Killi Points just from your everyday spending- just link an active credit OR debit card (checking account) and you will be enrolled! Heads up – we will NEVER charge your card. The Profile Rewards requires you to answer a few simple questions about yourself. With Browsing Rewards, you can earn Killi Points to be safe while browsing online! Our Killi Browser Extension will alert you of data breaches on sites you browse as well as block those pesky ads. As long as you have the extension installed on your desktop and/or laptop browser, you will earn some extra Killi Points! With Device Rewards, you share info about your mobile device (device info, service provider, etc.) and names of installed apps. Note: we will never receive login info or in-app data (shows you’ve watched on Netflix, who you’re friends with on Facebook, etc.)

For Android users, we also have Location Rewards. Turn your location sharing on via your identity screen and voila!

Share With The Day Ones (Refer-a-Friend)

Go tell your friends about it. What’s cooler than earning Killi Points? Earning Killi Points with your friends. Our Refer a Friend program allows you AND the person you refer to earn Killi Points. How? Share your unique URL with them, have them sign up and complete their profile – Killi Points in both of your pockets. The more friends you refer, the more Killi Points you can earn. You will receive 10% Killi Paycheck earnings of all friends you refer PLUS a BONUS 100 Killi Point referral bonus for the first 5 friends you bring to Killi. 

Killi Polls

We release a DAILY Killi Poll – that means one extra opportunity per day to earn with us. It’s just one quick question and you’re on your way!

What’s the future hold for earning more Killi Points?

As we continuously expand on our ways to give back to our users, we want to make the process as fun and straightforward as possible. From passive earning to Refer-a-Friend, we are continually working on new ways to give back to you. Stay tuned —this article is updated frequently!