Introducing Killi Points

A BIG change is happening this week. Your Killi balance will be converting to Killi points! Not to worry – we promise the end result will be exactly the same. 

The conversion 

$1.00 = 100 points 

For an easy way to convert, just take out the $ sign and the decimal point! 

  • $0.01 = 1 Killi Point 
  • $0.25 = 25 Killi Points 
  • $1.00 = 100 Killi Points 
  • $3.00 = 300 Killi Points 

Earning & Payout

The payout for everything (Killi Paycheck, Killi Polls, etc.) will remain the same. 

If you are in the Elite tier of Killi Paycheck ($3.00 per month), you will earn 300 Killi Points per month (75 Killi points per week). 

If you complete our daily Killi Polls ($0.01 per day), you will earn 1 Killi point per day. 


The minimum balance for redemption will remain the same. Previously, this was $5, and now with Killi Points will be 500 points. 

Your 500 points will be converted into dollar value ($5.00) and you will be asked how you would like to redeem (Amazon gift card, e-gift card, or charity donation).