Introducing Killi Points


A BIG change is happening this week as we are introducing Killi points! Your Killi balance will be converting to Killi points! Not to worry – we promise the end result will be exactly the same. You are still making some cha-ching off of your data, we are just changing the look and feel of your earnings.

The conversion 

$1.00 = 100 points 

For an easy way to convert, just take out the $ sign and the decimal point! 

  • $0.01 = 1 Killi Point 
  • $0.25 = 25 Killi Points 
  • $1.00 = 100 Killi Points 
  • $3.00 = 300 Killi Points 

Earning & Payout

The payout for everything (Killi Paycheck, Killi Polls, etc.) will remain the same. 

If you are in the Elite tier of Killi Paycheck ($3.00 per month), you will earn 300 Killi Points per month (75 Killi points per week). 

If you complete our daily Killi Polls ($0.01 per day), you will earn 1 Killi point per day. 


The minimum balance for redemption will remain the same. Previously, this was $5, and now with Killi Points will be 500 points. 

Your 500 points will be converted into dollar value ($5.00) and you will be asked how you would like to redeem (Amazon gift card, e-gift card, or charity donation).

Why the switch?

At Killi, we want to keep things fresh and give our consumers what they want to the best of our ability. We’ve had a ton of requests when it came to introducing Killi Points and when you ask, we listen! We always aim to create a product that is functional, modern, and most importantly, a product that is valuable to you.

What are you waiting for? Start racking up those Killi points today! Not sure what to do with your points? Here are our redemption options. We are always adding new ways to redeem, so feel free to check back on that page periodically (but don’t worry, we will always let you know when we add a new redemption option).