Killi Chrome Extension: AdBlocker, Data Breach Alerts, and Browsing Rewards

Killi has launched a Chrome Extension, which you can download here

Here are three reasons why it’s different (and better) than all the other Chrome Extensions out there: 

  • Adblocker 
  • Data breach Alerts 
  • Browsing Rewards 

Ad Blocker 

No one wants to see ads while they’re browsing. They’re annoying, distracting, and the last thing we want to see on a web page! That’s why the primary feature of our Chrome Extension is to block ads. 

Browsing Rewards

You know we wouldn’t build something that doesn’t include ways to earn you Killi points right? If you’ve downloaded the Chrome Extension and logged into your Killi account, we will PAY you WEEKLY for your browsing data. Wow! Killi is the first company in the world to pay consumers to block ads in the browser. So whether you’re checking the score, online shopping, or researching ways to turn your data into personal profit, you can earn Killi Points while doing it. 

Data Breach Alerts 

We are dedicated to data privacy, so we built a unique feature that will alert you when you visit a website that has previously had a data breach (including the number of accounts that have been affected). If you see this alert, we would recommend that you change your password for that site! 

Snooze Button 

Want to pause the sharing of your browsing data for one hour? No problem – just hit this button. 


What are you waiting for? Download Killi’s new Chrome extension now and get paid to browse.