Killi Introduces Facebook Unveil Allowing Consumers Access To Data Attributes That May Have Been Exposed in a Recent Facebook Breach


The Complimentary Service Comes After a Major Facebook Data Hack 


New York, New York–(June 30, 2021) Killi Ltd. (TSXV: MYID) (OTCQB: MYIDF) (“Killi”), a supplier of compliant consumer data, introduces Facebook Unveil, to help consumers identify if their crucial personal data was exposed on the web after the massive hack of 500M+ consumer Facebook profiles in April 2021.


This service is completely complimentary as the addition of Facebook Unveil will be viewable without the precondition of signing up for Killi; consumers can access what information was exposed by entering their phone number or email address. The offering allows consumers to identify what data attributes including sensitive information such as their name, gender, marital status, location, occupation, place of birth, and phone number live publicly on the web. Killi not only shows consumers what data companies have collected on them through the Facebook breach, as well as by other data brokers, but also allows them to edit that data, correcting inaccuracies.


“We are offering this complimentary service because we care about consumer privacy and believe all consumers have a right to know if their information is being spread across the web,” said Neil Sweeney, Founder and CEO of Killi. “As a company, our goal is to provide consumers the opportunity to finally take back control of their property – their data – and that starts by giving consumers access to what data is out there.”


Additionally, Killi offers its partners access to walled garden data that was historically only available to companies such as Facebook by allowing consumers to unveil their data and choose to opt-in to the Killi ecosystem. This allows Killi partners to adjoin these data attributes to other data identifiers. This accessibility not only provides a more robust and up-to-date data profile but also ensures that partners are utilizing data that consumers have given permission to use, creating a new layer of trust between the two parties. 


Currently, big tech companies are gathering immense amounts of data, yet not prioritizing consumer consent or security and consumers deserve to have access to what personal information is being collected. Killi enables consumers the ability to both access and take back control of who is using their data, how it’s being used, and ultimately get paid for the data they choose to share.


Killi has established itself as the dominant consumer-facing data brand, allowing consumers to view, edit and ultimately control personal data. Killi users are compensated by consenting to share various data types within the Killi ecosystem via a weekly Killi Paycheck. This Facebook Unveil announcement follows the launch of Killi Unveil in April 2021 when the company made 320 million online data profiles available in the US for consumers to obtain their data from the internet. Killi’s goal is to always include the consumer by allowing them to decide what data is shared about them. 


About Killi Ltd

Killi Ltd. (TSXV: MYID) (OTCQB: MYIDF) is a company driven by the evolution of consumer data and privacy. Offering compliant consumer data to brands & agencies, platforms, and data companies, Killi allows consumers to opt-in to share specific pieces of data with brands in exchange for compensation from the use of their data, democratizing data for both consumers and brands. Killi offers data that is global and compliant.


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