Killi Introduces Passive Data Dividend™ for Qualifying Users


First Dividends Paid in Transparent, Passive Revenue Program – More Modules to Come

Killi has announced the launch of its Data Dividend™ program to users who consent and share specific pieces of data over a predetermined time frame. Subscribers who share data will automatically receive:

  • notification of their dividends via SMS and/or email
  • the amount, in cash, of each dividend that will automatically be credited to their account,
  • a clear, transparent description of who purchased their data and,
  • clear opt-out functionality for future dividends and data sales

All of the above are market firsts.

The first Data Dividend™ payment was made to U.S. and Canadian users who shared their location data during the month of January 2020, and again to those who shared their data in February.  Consumers in February saw a doubling of dividends vs those distributed in January. Starting in March Killi will pay users a weekly dividend for users who have shared location for the previous seven days, multiplied by the number of companies that purchased this data.

“Last year, California Governor Gavin Newsom proposed a data dividend that could allow residents to get paid for providing enterprises with access to their personal digital data.” said CEO Neil Sweeney. “Killi is the company that has made the Governor’s vision a reality, and we will be aggressively expanding our Data Dividend™ program into other areas to include a variety of additional passive revenue opportunities for customers.”

By voluntarily enabling location sharing, American and Canadian subscribers have increased their earnings (ARPU) by approximately 120% in January and approximately 89% in February. This location-rich data is especially attractive to companies in need of location data since Apple’s September release of iOS13, which reduced the availability of consented location data in the global market considerably. Companies that are interested in acquiring location data that is 100% consumer-consented and conforms with all privacy regulations are encouraged to reach out to Killi directly to participate in this program. The higher ARPU generated by passive dividends for consumers, when combined with the research surveys and video opportunities currently available inside of the product, will continue to increase the loyalty and lifetime value of the Killi user, allowing the ecosystem to continue to expand internationally.

“This is the first time ever that the consumer has been given access to transparently see who is purchasing their data and be compensated accordingly.” added Mr. Sweeney. “There are a number of companies collecting data today that are offering rewards or tokens in exchange for this consumer data but they are hiding who the purchaser of this data is as well as the true value of this data from the consumer.  Killi is challenging this blatant bait-and-switch by providing not only passive income to its users, but also the transparency the consumer deserves. Passive dividends clearly benefit all of Killi’s stakeholders, and we have more Data Dividend™ modules planned for release—several of which have the potential for multiple payments from the same datasets provided by users.”