Killi Launches Data Unveil


Do you know what information the internet has on you? Because Killi can show you with our Data Unveil…

Every single adult on the internet has a digital profile. You included. And you add to it every time you’re online, whether you’re browsing on your computer or using apps on your phone. Companies are constantly building and updating your profile, including your name, age, interests, shopping history, and addresses.

But it doesn’t stop there. Your profile can include how many people live in your house, how old your children are, what you watch online, how often you eat at restaurants, and even where you like to go to happy hour! 

Want to see your digital profile?

For the first time ever, you can! Killi’s Data Unveil allows you to both view your digital profile and edit it. You are able to modify traits about yourself, your interests, and your buying habits. Killi is the only place on the planet where you can view and correct your personal data, just by sharing your email address.

I’m excited! Where can I find this? 

For New Killi Users

For new users, join Killi (available in Web, iOS, or Android), to see what personal information of yours is being stored by the Internet. If we weren’t able to find data on you or if the data we did find is incorrect feel free to correct it. This is your unique chance to rewrite (and re-right) your data!  

Even better? After you’ve done this, you will be part of Killi’s Profile Rewards and be automatically set up to passively earn Killi Points every week by opting in to share your information with us. 

For Existing Killi users 

For existing users, this new Data Unveil feature currently isn’t available, but we are working hard to launch this in the coming weeks. 

Now What? 

Welcome to the #DataRevolution! Take back control. Reclaim your data. 

Join Killi to see it, edit it, and earn from it.