Killi launches

Killi launches, allowing consumers to calculate the value of their data to Big Tech calculates the value of consumers’ data, based on the apps and platforms they use.

NEW YORK, October 6, 2020 – Killi Ltd. (TSXV: MyID, US: MYIDF), a global leader in data and consumer privacy, announces the launch of, a site for consumers to calculate the value of their data, based on the apps and platforms they currently use. calculates the annual value of a consumer’s data based on the top eight platforms globally: Google, Facebook, Twitter, SNAP, Amazon, Netflix, YouTube, and Pinterest, with plans to add more companies.  Consumers can visit the site and select the platforms that they currently use to determine their annual value to Big Tech.  As each company updates its Average Revenue Per User (ARPU) quarterly, each consumer will be alerted about how the value of their data has increased.  For those consumers who would like to take back control of this data and be paid for its use, there is a direct link to to sign up for the service.  

Neil Sweeney, Founder, and CEO of Killi Ltd., explains, “When we speak to consumers, we have found that by far, the part of the data ecosystem that they understood the least is the true value of their data. When you explain to someone how much each platform makes and how when amalgamated, it amounts to $500 per month and is growing 30% per year, the reaction is visceral.” He continues, “It’s important to note, that this practice of data collection is only accelerating and becoming increasingly more pervasive and private with the emergence of platforms like TikTok and the increase in smart speaker sales.”

The Social Dilemma, a recent documentary from Netflix, highlights the dark side of the internet and the harmful byproducts of social media proliferation. The movie’s adage, “If you don’t pay for the product, you are the product,” has resonated with viewers, resulting in mass account deletions on Facebook, Instagram, and other platforms. was created to help educate users about their data with facts that technology firms do not openly promote.

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