Killi Releases 500+ Fair Trade™ Audience Segments – Compensating Users Directly For The Use Of Their Data.


Killi’s Fair-Trade DataTM audiences are available in the LiveRamp data store and can be delivered to any preferred DSP, DMP or social platform.


    • Over 500 Killi Fair-Trade™ Data audience segments currently available and growing weekly.
    • Each Killi consumer receives Killi Points in their account on a weekly basis in exchange for the use of their data
    • Seamless distribution to any preferred DMP, DSP or social platform (Google, Trade Desk, Amazon, Xandr, etc.)
    • All audiences are 1st party, CCPA compliant, and derived from 100m+ Killi accounts.
    • Ability to create custom ‘Fair-Trade’ segments for clients via 1st party Killi panel.

What is Fair Trade data?

We are all familiar with the concept of fair-trade coffee, where a farmer is compensated fairly for their hard work. A commitment to fair-trade is a commitment to inclusion, transparency and fairness, traits that do not always exist in the data market today. Every provider speaks to their data and states that it is both 1st party and compliant. But how many of the consumers in that data set know that their data is part of the sale? If you believe that data is a manifestation of human identity, shouldn’t the consumer be included in the transaction of their data in the same way a fair-trade farmer is? We think so! As a result, we created an entire taxonomy of Fair Trade audience segments that you can use to inform your advertising buys in your preferred platforms. Amidst a US market where the unemployment rate is over 10% and climbing, we think this redistribution of wealth is the right thing to do.  If you believe in ethical data, we encourage you to test Killi segments against those you have used in the past.

Killi Segments: 

Killi offers segments including, but not limited to: age, gender, education, household income, and behavioural interests. Additionally, Killi also provides audiences detailing in-market shoppers and healthcare information (health interests, exercise frequency, etc).  A sample of Killi segments is listed below.

    • Killi > B2C > Demographic > Household > Millennial Parents
    • Killi > B2C > Demographic > Household > Parents with Younger Kids
    • Killi > B2C > Interest > Travel > Frequent Air Travellers
    • Killi > B2C > Health & Fitness > Fit Moms
    • Killi > B2C > Interest > Shopping & Retail > Online Wine Shoppers
    • Killi > Shopping & Retail > Technology > Parent Laptop Shopper
    • Killi > Shopping & Retail > Brand Preferences > Wal-Mart
    • Killi > Automotive > Auto Owner > Toyota
    • Killi > Technology > Netflix Streamer

What Fair Trade Data means for your company 

Buying Fair Trade DataTM from Killi means buying data of individuals who have consented to sell their personally identifiable information. This information is ethical, legally compliant, and can be used in all areas of your business.

If you are interested in learning more about how to incorporate Fair Trade DataTM in your marketing, contact us here.