Killi Revamps Refer-a-Friend Program

More points for you and your friends! We revamped our Refer-A-Friend (RAF)program! For each friend you refer (max 5 friends), earn a 100 point referral bonus AND 10% of their Killi Paycheck earnings.  WAIT – it gets even better. 

Example Killi User: Kelly 

Kelly’s friends: Koko, Karen, Ken, Kory, Kam, Kim, Konnor 

Kelly’s friends’ monthly Killi Paycheck Earnings:

  1. Koko: 300 points
  2. Karen: 100 points
  3. Ken: 200 points
  4. Kory: 100 points
  5. Kam: 300 points

Kelly’s friends total earnings: 1000 points

Kelly’s earnings = 500 points in referral bonuses (100 points per friend she brings into Killi) AND 10% of her friends’ earnings = BONUS 100 POINTS PER MONTH for doing nothing just because she was the one that brought them to Killi!

What are you waiting for? To get started, grab your custom referral code from the RAF section of your account now.