Killi Webinar: Data vs. Privacy

We’ve just wrapped our 3rd webinar of 2021: Data vs. Privacy

Below are a few highlights from our healthy debate around data vs. privacy:

  • Learn the foundations of what privacy by design is and how it has evolved over the past 15-20 years from Dr. Ann Cavoukian.
  • Enoch Liang discusses how the Data Dividend Project is dedicated to protecting consumers personal data, why opt-in is difficult in the US, and how we can protect consumers from big tech in the future and his thoughts on the past, present, and future of the DDP.
  • Mark Mao shares his thoughts around whether or not data should be viewed as consumers’ own property.
If you missed it, click below to watch!

HUGE thanks to our guests and for their time and valuable insights shared. Check out their bios below:
  • Dr. Ann Cavoukian: CEO & Founder, Global Privacy & Security by Design, THE global privacy framework underpinning hundreds of products today and implemented into every major privacy legislation around the world. Ann is one of the world’s leading privacy experts and a senior fellow of the Ted Rogers Leadership Centre at Ryerson’s University.  
  • Enoch Liang: CEO of the Data Dividend Project, the leading organization in the US, founded in 2020, that is taking on big tech and looking to institute universal basic income in collaboration with Andrew Yang while giving access and rights to consumers with regards to compensation for their data. He is also the founder of LTL Attorneys and LegalMation
  • Mark Mao: Practice Lead Intellectual Property, Boies Schiller Flexner LLP, the law firm known for its high profile cases such as USA v. Microsoft and a number of individual actions specifically as it relates to Google (including Google Anti-Trust Litigation). Prior to BSF, Mark founded and chaired the data privacy practice at the national firm of Troutman Pepper. He is one of the country’s better known scholars in data privacy law and respected on both sides of the plaintiff and defense bar. He currently leads the privacy class actions against Google in Brown v. Google  (litigation on private mode) and Rodriguez v. Google (litigation on turning off Google’s web and app activity). 

We were beyond thrilled to speak with and showcase titans in the industry and will continue to strive to be a leader bringing data privacy discussions to our community. 

If you enjoyed this webinar as much as we did, keep an eye out for our next one!