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Killi is powered by you. With Killi, you have full control over your personal data, and earn profit from the data you choose to sell.

Earning & Wallet

  • How do I earn with Killi?

    Can you make money from your data? Absolutely!

    There are currently four ways to earn with Killi: data sharing, surveys, offers, and watching videos (on Android ONLY). We are always working on creating even more ways for you to earn in the near future.

  • How do I earn from videos?

    Video ads. No matter where you browse, chances are, you come across them. But are you earning from them? Probably not. We are changing that (within Killi at least). Simply watch a video ad and earn money. You can watch as many or as little as you want. Exciting! Please note, this is currently only available on Android devices.

  • How do I earn from data sharing?

    When setting up your profile, you can enable data sharing for anything you add. This includes your: date of birth, email address, gender, location, phone number, postal code, and country.

    Change your mind about what you want to share? No problem, you can turn your sharing on or off at any time.

  • How do I earn from surveys?

    You can earn money by completing surveys that help brands understand you better.  Some surveys may ask you screening questions first to ensure you qualify as the right audience for the full survey. This helps ensure you are a good match (which also saves you from irrelevant surveys). This does mean, however, that you won’t qualify for EVERY survey. Don’t worry, there are always plenty!

  • How long do surveys take?

    The length of the survey varies. Some surveys take a couple minutes, while others take a bit longer. It’s totally up to you when it comes to how long you want to spend in the app. A few minutes can earn you some cash!


  • How do I earn from special offers?

    Special offers are made just for you based on the information you choose to share. We will automatically email you offers that match your interest profile and the questions you answer.

    Note: To receive these time-sensitive offers, be sure to add, verify and share your email to your profile as this is how we will contact you for them!

  • How much money can I make with Killi?

    You are likely to make a few bucks a month, but the world is your oyster! The more active you are on Killi, the more you earn. The amount you earn is also contingent on the number of surveys you qualify for, the types of surveys, the offers catered to you, and the info you choose to share.

    We get that a few dollars here and there may not seem like much today, but stick with it and you can grow it further over time. Plus, who doesn’t want some extra money every month? Your next coffee run could be on us 😉

    While earning from your data may never replace your job or side hustle, it’s still a nice feeling having money on the table.

  • How can I earn more?

    We are working hard behind the scenes to grow your earning potential every month. The more users and companies that join Killi, the more your earnings will increase! Want to earn more? Tell your friends, your family, your friends’ family, your family’s friends…you get the drill!

  • How do I withdraw money?

    Currently, there are two ways to withdraw money: cash via Paypal or gift card via Amazon. We’re working on creating even more ways for you to withdraw money in the near future.

    Note: you need to verify your email in order to redeem as this is where your money notifications go. The verified email MUST be associated with your Paypal and/or Amazon account in order to successfully redeem your funds. You will also need to reach the minimum withdrawal amount which is set respectively by Paypal and Amazon.

    Ready to withdraw?

    Go to the ‘Wallet’ section in the app
    Click ‘Redeem’
    Pick your method on redemption: cash via Paypal or gift card via Amazon
    Proceed with redeeming

  • What is the minimum amount of money I need to withdraw? Is there a fee associated with withdrawals?

    Cash via Paypal: Minimum amount is $10. Paypal charges $0.25 in the US and $0.32 in Canada.
    Gift card via Amazon: Minimum amount is $5. Amazon does not charge a transaction fee.

Privacy & Protection

  • What is personal data?

    Personal data is anything that can be used to identify who you are (so people know you aren’t a robot). This includes: name, date of birth, email, phone, etc.

  • What is consumer data?

    Consumer data is generated from your day-to-day actions and your behavior as a consumer. This data typically comes from your devices (mainly mobile devices) which have great tracking abilities. Apps and websites that are open on your phone track your usage, including browsing habits, frequently visited locations, where you eat, shop and entertain, and a whole lot more. Between location service and browsing habits, a consumer profile is formed. As you continue to have an active presence online, this data is always increasing. What’s that mean? It’s unlimited.

  • What happens with all this data?

    The data you input is what you give up for free every time you check off the “I’ve read and agreed to the privacy policy” box to access free sites and apps. If you don’t want to read through the entire policy, just know this is typically what it includes.

    This type of data is hugely valuable to companies who want to understand what interests you because they want to deliver, well, something you will be interested in! In a way, this is good because the online ads you see are more relevant to what you actually like.

    Currently, the data collected from you is sold in many marketplaces for profit without a cent going to your name (yikes). This status quo is what Killi is breaking.

  • Who controls my data?

    Simple – you!

    You and only you control the data you share and transact on Killi. If you choose to stop sharing something, it will no longer be available for buying. If you delete the app, all profile data and history will be deleted (except for surveys you were paid for).

  • How is my data protected?

    The security of your data is the most important thing to us. We work to ensure compliance with applicable regulations and laws.

    We’re working tirelessly to secure your data as technologies change at dizzying speeds. Seriously, our relationship with sleep is not a stable one!

  • How is my money protected?

    Your phone is your secure wallet. Your money cannot be stolen or hacked because it belongs to you (we have a way of ensuring your money is safe. It’s no secret, just really cool tech!).

  • What happens after my data is purchased?

    The data purchased stays between you and the company purchasing it. After the purchase, a contract between you and the seller is logged. The transaction then goes to your ‘Wallet History’ page and ta-da, you just made money! The company is the ONLY receiver of this data, hence why a contract is formed.

  • What happens if I don’t want to share certain data anymore?

    Don’t want to share your email anymore? Perhaps your date of birth is something you decided you want to keep to yourself? Not a problem! You can opt in and out of sharing your personal data whenever you want to. This means you don’t have to commit 100% to sharing all of your personal data.

  • What is Killi’s privacy policy?

    You can find Killi’s privacy policy here. We encourage you to read through it all.

  • What are Killi’s terms and conditions?

    You can find Killi’s terms and conditions here. We encourage you to read through it all.

Account Management

  • Why do I have to wait 30 days to redeem my funds?

    Waiting. It sucks. We know. So why do we make you wait 30 days? This gives us enough time to verify that you are in fact a human and utilizing the app appropriately. While waiting 30 days may seem difficult, imagine how great it’s going to be when you redeem ALL the money you’ve earned in your first month!

  • Why do I need to verify my email?

    Verifying your email is neccessary for a few reasons. For one, including your email in your profile increases the number of surveys and offers you get (which means more cha-ching). Verifying your email is required when redeeming your funds. In order to ACTUALLY receive your funds, your email MUST be verified. If it’s not, we don’t have a way of sending you your well deserved earnings.

  • How do I change my email address?

    Go to your identity page, click on your current email, enter your new one, and verify it. Voila, how simple?

    Make sure you complete the verification process in order to successfully complete the email change.

  • I got a new phone, why did my funds not transfer from the old one to the new one?

    We treat every phone as a unique wallet. This means that the data lives on your device, not the app (talk about security!). If you have recently purchased a new device, please reach out to datarevolution@killi.io so we can verify your account and transfer your balance.

  • If I delete the app, where does my data go?

    As much as we love data, we aren’t data hoarders! When you delete the app, the data simply goes in the garbage (well, a metaphorical garbage). When you delete the application, all your data is also deleted from it.

    Note: This deletion is NOT reversible.


  • What is Killi?

    In its current form, Killi is a mobile consumer app that allows users to get paid for their data while simultaneously protecting it. Killi contains two crucial functions – an open marketplace (where personal and consumer data is exchanged for money) and a secured locker (where your data and money are protected).

    The ultimate vision of Killi is to empower users to take back 100% control of their consumer data so that companies who want access must pay Killi users for their data instead of buying it from elsewhere that doesn’t profit users. While the app is Step 1, we will be expanding into other areas where your data is leaking.

    TL;DR – Killi helps keep your data safe and puts money in your pocket. How’s that for a win-win?

  • Is Killi safe?

    100%! Your data is completely safe with Killi. Your information is kept on your device and cannot be accessed by external sources. When you choose to share and sell your data, the transaction is done directly between you and the company.

  • What countries does Killi support?

    Currently, we support the US, Canada, Singapore, and Australia. We are looking to expand to a plethora of other places in the near future. Stay tuned!

  • Does your app work in both Android and iOS?

    Yes. Our app is in both the Apple App Store and Google Play store. You can get it right here!

  • Who do I contact for Customer Support?

    Have an issue, concern, or question? You can reach out to Customer Support at datarevolution@killi.io or message us from the chat on the bottom right corner of your screen!

  • How can I keep up to date with Killi?

    We are always on top of the latest news and trends when it comes to data protection and privacy. You can find us on Facebook, LinkedInTwitter, and Instagram!

  • Who is behind Killi?

    A lot of really cool people, just saying.

    Killi is built and owned by Freckle Ltd. You can find more about Freckle here!