Killi Webinar: Is Privacy and Data on a Collision Course with Blockchain?

Is privacy and data on a collision course with blockchain - killi webinar lineup

We wrapped up our 4th Killi webinar of 2021: Is Privacy and Data on a Collision Course with Blockchain?

Our knowledgeable lineup of industry experts shared their views on privacy and the blockchain and answered some pressing questions surrounding the topic.

Weren’t able to attend? Not a problem. You can watch the full recap below.

Here are some key highlights from the discussion:

  • Learn about the correlation between privacy and data and Blockchain from a panel of industry experts.
  • Donny Dvorin discusses how the Brave browser can help consumers protect their data online while also enhancing the overall browser experience.
  • Carolina Abenate shares her thoughts on why regulation of consumer data is important, even as Blockchain continues to inflect.

Click below to watch the full webinar.

We want to give a HUGE thank you to all the incredible panelists who shared their knowledge with us.

Check out their bios:

  • Donny Dvorin, Head of Sales at Brave Software, a fast, privacy-oriented browser, combined with its blockchain-based digital advertising platform, is reinventing the Web for users, publishers and advertisers. Danny has over 20 years of experience in consultive media and SaaS.
  • Shailley Singh, SVP, Product Management & Global Programs at IAB Tech Lab, a non-profit research and development consortium that produces and provides standards, software, tools, and services to drive growth and efficiency in the global digital media ecosystem. Shailley has been at IAB Tech Lab for 6 years and continues to drive the product sector.
  • , Founder, CEO, General Counsel, Executive Vice-Chairperson of NYIAX, the world’s first and most active upfronts marketplace and advanced contract management exchange. NYIAX creates solutions to clear the barriers between media buyers and sellers, enabling strong, safe, and seriously impactful partnerships. Carolina created and founded NYIAX in 2012 with the idea of taking financial trading technology and applying it to the advertising/data and entertainment industries.
  • Brian Cox, General Manager at Kochava,  a Unified Audience Platform that provides precision, real-time omni-channel attribution that helps data-driven marketers measure and optimize their marketing for every customer journey. Brian has an impressive background, including an MBA in Business Administration and a couple of C-level roles in previous companies.


We also want to give a big thank you to all those who attended. We will have plenty of Killi webinars in the near future so if you liked this one, stay tuned! You can also catch up on our last webinar here.