Vice President of Sales – Remote

Google is eliminating the third party cookie. Apple is scrambling the mobile ID.  Location data is now less precise due to the operating systems’ restrictions, while data hacks continue to increase.  Add anti-trust, increased consumer awareness around data privacy, regulators growing demand for consent, and you have all of the variables driving the advertising and marketing ecosystems around the world.  Killi sits at the intersection of all of these and represents the solution to many, if not all, of these issues.  

What’s Killi? We allow consumers to amalgamate various pools of their data and put it under their control. As a byproduct of this, consumers can then provide some (or all) of this data to be sold.  The result is that THEY are paid and not a data-broker that has been arbitraging this data unbeknownst to you, the consumer, for decades.  Available in five countries today with plans to continue to expand around the world, Killi is trying to redistribute wealth back to consumers by paying them for what is rightfully theirs – their data.  

Are you aware that as a consumer, you are worth $500 per month? Do you think that consumers should be paid a percentage of this? Do you believe that by having the consumer involved in the data equation that all downstream issues related to fraud; fidelity, consent, privacy, etc., go away? We do.  Do you want to be part of the company that is fundamentally changing how data is bought and sold? Do you want to be part of the company targeting Facebook, Google, and all big data companies as its opportunity?

We are looking for a Vice President of Sales to join our Killi team. The Vice President of Sales reports to the CEO and will be responsible for maintaining and growing revenue for Killi in the United States and internationally.


  • You are a hunter.  You must sell here.  Not only that, but you should be the best seller on the team.  We will provide you with a differentiated product, at scale, with ubiquitous distribution into global platforms – you provide the discipline, management, and strategy to drive more velocity and dollars on the team.  
  • Ego.  Leave it at the door.  You will be challenged here in ways that you have never been challenged before.  
  • Flexible. Flexibility in what works, what doesn’t, and the confidence and humility to change your approach and your team’s approach is a must.  
  • Accountable.   The only thing that matters is the revenue that you and your team generate.  
  • Discipline. You use data and platforms to manage your team, budget, and forecast.  Forecasting, strategy, and discipline are core to success in your group.  You can create a budget, manage a team towards a budget, and achieve it.  You do so via holding you and your team accountable and disciplined.  
  • Speed.  The consequence of being small is things move fast and are usually chaotic.  This environment excites you, and no task is too big or too small to help both you and your team achieve its goals.
  • Communication.  You are excellent at communicating both up and down the org.  The CEO comes from a sales background, so you won’t have to explain the sales cycle to him, but you will have to explain where the money is coming from, when, what the challenges are, how your team is doing, what we are missing, and how he and the rest of the org can help you achieve what you need.  
  • Grit.  Yes, cliché, but it’s essential.  
  • You have an intimate understanding of the data, advertising, and platform ecosystem. You study and have a vivid sense of the industry’s issues and an opinion of where the market is going.  
  • You are positive in everything that you do.  


  • Building and leading a team that consistently meets and exceeds ambitious sales goals while maintaining a list yourself.
  • Owning every part of the sales cycle from sourcing leads, outreach, and driving contracts to create tailored presentations, representing the company at industry events, and thinking creatively to grow relationships.
  • Strategizing with the team to identify and target key prospects.
  • Generating revenue through new and existing relations.
  • Working with senior management to develop and consistently execute comprehensive sales objectives, strategies, and plans.
  • Working closely with the product team on client business needs and expectations.
  • Driving thought leadership opportunities and client relationship development.
  • Improving in-house sales operations, there is already an excellent base to build from.


  • 10+ years of brand and ad agency sales experience. 
  • Digital experience is a must with an understanding of data and media.
  • Our sales org has three pillars: agencies/brands, platforms (DSP’s, DMP’s, etc.), and data partners. We have people in each of these verticals – you must be able to speak to each of these.
  • Strong leadership skills, with the ability to motivate team members and hold them accountable for results.
  • Wide-ranging, strong personal relationships with leading digital media agencies, programmatic platforms, and programmatic advertisers.
  • Experience with DMPs (liveramp, oracle, etc.) and DSP (trade desk, google, xandr) is required, as are industry-leading relationships at agencies and brands.
  • Experience leading a team in a high-growth environment. 
  • Self-motivated and entrepreneurial, with a willingness and comfort to work in a fast-paced and agile startup environment.
  • Experience recruiting, building, and managing a team. 
  • Clear track record of revenue generation.
  • Motivated self-starter with the ability to hit the ground running with limited supervision.


  • Stock options
  • Unlimited vacation
  • Work from anywhere
  • Competitive market compensation structure.
  • Comprehensive health, dental and vision plan.
  • A great corporate culture.
  • A fulfilling, challenging, and flexible work experience. 
  • The opportunity for unlimited career growth.
  • Monthly wellbeing fund to be used for fitness and mindfulness.
  • Professional development fund for training and education.

Interested applicants should send their resume to with Vice President of Sales in the subject line.