What is the Killi Fair Trade Data Program?


When you hear the term ‘fair trade’, you most likely think of some delicious coffee. While coffee may be at the top of everyone’s mind, it is just one example of fair trade. Fair Trade is defined as a trade – between businesses and consumers – in which the producers are paid fair and just prices. So while your mind may automatically jump to coffee or other farmed goods, Killi has now branded another source of Fair Trade – your data!


What is Killi’s Fair Trade Data Program?

Our Fair Trade Data program allows all Killi users to be fairly compensated for their data. Whenever you join a platform, information about you is collected – from personally identifiable information down to financial information. While most sites require this information, you are not compensated for it. With the Killi Fair Trade Data Program, you are given a rightful share of funds for the data you provide.


Why do we call it our Fair Trade Data Program?

Think about the farmers who farm goods for developing countries. Products marked as Fair Trade are ensuring that the producers/farmers are rightfully compensated for their time, effort, and work. That is what we do when it comes to your data. Killi collects and sells your personally identifiable information – with your permission of course – and in return, you receive fair financial compensation.


What makes this different than any other site using my data?

It’s no secret that pretty much EVERY website you encounter will ask for your personal information at some point. Whether you are signing up for an account, making a purchase, or simply entering your email in to receive a coupon, these sites are collecting, storing, and potentially selling your data. Sounds similar to what Killi does, so again, how are we different? These sites do NOT compensate users meaning you are giving away your personal information without seeing a penny in return.


Consider Facebook or Amazon, for example. You sign up for a Facebook account and give your information to them or you make a purchase through Amazon and hand over your payment information. While your information is safe and secure (for the most part…let’s not forget the breaches), you will never receive money from these companies for the use of your data.

Why did we decide to start the Fair Trade Data Program?

Up until now, there was no such thing as Fair Trade data. No companies were rightfully compensating users for the use of their data and we wanted to put an end to that. Our consumers come before anything and we constantly strive to give back as much as possible. We want individuals to be fairly compensated for the data that companies so desperately need from them. Will you get rich from our Fair Trade Data Program? Probably not. But we want to ensure that we can give back what we can to our users – an eye for an eye. Okay, maybe a phrase that isn’t so ominous, but you get my point!

How can you earn from Killi’s Fair Trade Data Program?

If you are a current Killi user, congrats! You are already earning from our Fair Trade Data Program. Within Killi, there are several ways to earn money including:


  • The Profile Reward
  • The Location Reward(Android only)
  • The Shopping Reward
  • Surveys
  • Videos (Android only)
  • Completing your profile
  • Refer A Friend


Through these means, you are able to earn revenue via our Fair Trade Data Program.


Our Fair Trade Data Program, the first of its kind, aims to help individuals receive fair compensation for the information they give online. It’s our way of giving back to those who help us out!