Why Killi

Why Killi, Why Now

We believe consumers are growing wise to the fact that their personal data is a form of currency. But, most have no idea just how valuable their data really is, how it is collected, sold and traded.

Your personal data and online actions are worth at least thousands of dollars per year. Most likely, a great deal more. Collectively, personal data is worth billions. Facebook recently published that each user is worth roughly $30 – and that is a very low estimate. Facebook is just one of hundreds of other corporations that are also making hay on your data – like Google, Twitter, Snap, the list goes on. Data is a massive economy.

You, the consumer, have hence become the product. Just like Delia, Steve and Holly you are unique and that is what makes your personal data so valuable. Right now, you are making $0 directly from that valuable data. The main beneficiaries of your data’s value are the brands and companies.

We believe that the consumer should have a say in who uses their data and under what conditions. With your data back under your control, Killi lets you enter directly into smart contracts with companies looking to purchase your data. This is the way it should be. Data buyers paying you directly when they want to buy YOUR data. Join Killi today.

Be part of #YourDataRevolution.

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Killi is powered by you. With Killi, you have full control over your personal data, and earn profit from the data you choose to sell.